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At La Vela Coffee Roasters, a deep passion for coffee, combined with more than half a century of experience, results in high-quality, freshly roasted coffee that customers desire.


The founders of La Vela Coffee Roasters come from a family devoted to decades of coffee roasting in South America. Such familiarity with coffee growing regions and close relationships with regional coffee growers provides the expertise and understanding necessary to choose the finest and freshest high mountain beans. At the heart of it all, many years of coffee processing guarantees the green coffee beans are roasted with the utmost care and craftsmanship to create perfect aromas and tastes.


La Vela Coffee Roasters specializes in gourmet coffees that, with a medium roast, provide the old-fashioned European taste that influences the South American coffee culture. Darker roasts, which reflect coffee origins from the Middle East, are prepared as well. Continually searching for outstanding flavors and quality, La Vela Coffee Roasters carefully analyze and select the best coffee available anywhere.

we provide coffee blends and single origins from the following countries







We are always open to new coffee origins.  Have an idea or request?
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